Clear Rates

Initi​al Charge


first 80miles

This is the minimum charge for all movements and covers the first 80 miles.



per mile

This is charged for every mile or part thereof over 80 miles.


At Cost

per movement

Charge will be added to invoice and receipts attached.



per movement

Charge will be added to invoice and receipts attached.

Extra Charges Tariff

Item Charge
Hand Car Wash or Jet Wash £15
Waiting Time £20 per hour after the first hour on site.
Tolls & Congestion Charges When necessary these will be charged at cost price.
Travel Travel will be charged after agreement with the client and is usually charged in relation to repossession movements. It might also be charged where the vehicle collection or delivery address is different to the original booking.
Sanitizing Service £20 per vehicle. This includes the sanitizing product and extra time taken to carry out the service
Breakdowns £20 per hour or part thereof from the start of the breakdown. Time ends when the vehicle is repaired or, if accompanied by myself, until it is recovered to a destination of the client's choosing.

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