Why Use MotorFlow?

A Personal Service

Thank you for considering MotorFlow for your vehicle movements. I realise that I cannot compete with larger logistics companies on volume or price. Instead, I provide a personal, flexible and reliable service that larger companies cannot.

When you book a job with MotorFlow you know exactly who will driving your vehicle; me. I have a vested interest in ensuring each and every delivery is carried out professionally and on time. 

Where required, customer paperwork such as leasing documents are completed, checked, and returned promptly to the client. I always liaise with your customers in a professional manor and keep them updated with the delivery progress.  I timetable deliveries to ensure I have time to chat with your customers, take them around their new vehicle, demonstrate controls and answer any questions they might have.

My clients appreciate this personal touch as well as my flexibility and ability & willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ should issues arise.


I am based in Telford, perfectly situated to provide services to motor traders and dealerships in Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands and Wales.

I carry out vehicle movements nationwide including Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Scottish Islands.

Retail Movements

These vehicles are usually collected direct from the dealership or Motor Trader and delivered to their customer. I liaise directly the customer and keep them appraised of the timings during the delivery process.

Leasing or other paperwork can be signed and checked on delivery with the originals being sent back to my client within 24 hours.

Where required vehicles can be hand or jet washed before delivery for an extra charge.

I can also collect loan or trade-in vehicles if required.

Business to Business (B2B) Movements

These are vehicles moving within the motor trade. I collect vehicles from dealerships, motor traders, storage compounds, workshops, ports and private addresses.


Whilst not my main line of business, I have been asked to trace and recover leased vehicles when the customer has failed to make payments and has ceased to engage with my client. Although a small part of my business I have successfully recovered several vehicles. There are usually extra charges to cover public transport and time for this sort of movement.


Motor Risks insurance is provided with cover up to £100,000 per vehicle trade value.
Public Liability insurance cover is provided up to £5,000,000.


If required I will add fuel to vehicles. Fuel will be charged to the client at cost price with the cost being added to the invoice and receipt attached.


Sometimes there are extra charges which will usually be agreed in advance. Please see the Rates page for details of these charges.

Transport Platforms

Platforms such as Movex and Autotrader certainly have their place, they also have drawbacks. It can be a lottery getting your movement allocated and delivered professionally. Movements can be delayed, sometimes by several days because they are simply not allocated. You never know who will be driving your vehicle and whether they will liaise professionally with your customer. You do not even have a guarantee that the driver collecting your vehicle will be the same one who delivers it You simply do not have consistency of service from these platforms nor will your customer receive the ‘personal’ service that I can provide. 

I provide flexibility, certainty of delivery and consistent service levels. I am also able to deliver last minute or rush movements that larger transport companies cannot accommodate.